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03. Innovation



VI Framework Programme

M·POWER will define and implement an open platform to simplify and speed up the task of developing and deploying services for persons with cognitive disabilities and elderly.

Better Breathing

eTEN call for proposals 2006/1

The objective lace cocktail dresses of the Better Breathing project, which delivers COPD services in a new way, is to validate the business case for eCare, eRehabilitation, ePatient Community and eLearning in four European countries. The final goal in the full deployment phase is the opportunity for service providers to enter the European market place. Therefore included in the business plan is a data collection which will focus on the barriers of implementing the Better Breathing services in other European countries.

Health Optimum

eTEN (Market Validation)

HEALTH OPTIMUM intends to carry out an in-depth analysis of the current organisational structures in the targeted countries, to identify and market validate the most suitable suite of telemedicine services able, on the one hand, to rationalise their internal organisation and bring a substantial reduction of running costs and, on the other hand, to improve citizens’ access to high quality healthcare service.


eTEN (Market Validation)

LINKCARE will focus, not only on the suitability of the platforms, from the technical point of view - interoperability, security, standards and regulations -, but also on the needs and requirements that are specific for the care of patients with chronic health problems - coordination of professionals across time, centred on the patient, and collaboration among different levels of care.



€-Confidential (Trusted Security Platform to secure multiple kinds of application and to provide a trustworthy execution environment) is an EUREKA S!2023 / ITEA 05011 European Research Program and runs from 15/09/2006 until 31/12/2008. You can find the participating organizations on this page.



The Trusted and Secured Computing Project aims at developing a family of HW/embedded SW silicon components enforcing secure and trusted computing in the Consumer, Computer, Telecommunications and Gíreles areas.


VI Framework Programme

BRITE will set out to develop and pilot advanced ICT and organizational cross-border solutions for public operators active in “cross-border Business Registration” and in related “e-Government” areas such as financial transparency, financial crime preventions and e-procurement. Its expected impact is wide, affecting the business community, policy makers, researchers, technical innovators, the media, and the European citizenship in general.


VI Framework Programme

The Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) is an Internet-based software environment in which business applications can be developed and used. The unique feature of the DBE is that applications within the ecosystem are able to perform new functions that were, up to now, undreamed of by users.


eTEN (Market Validation)

The INNOBANK project aims to market validate new competitive services with a view to implement an intelligent new office branch thanks to new technologies, which may enable enhanced, more secure and user-freedom oriented bank services at the main banking partners in the creation and deployment of new financial services.

TB-Solutions participa en CEBIT ’08 con notable éxito
La participación de TB-Solutions, compañía líder en los mercados nacionales e internacionales en el desarrollo de productos, soluciones y servicios de software y seguridad dentro de las TIC, en CEBIT, ha concluido con positivos resultados

ITEA 2007
El pasado 18 y 19 de octubre tuvo lugar en Berlín, el encuentro anual de ITEA el principal programa Europeo de cooperación para investigación y desarrollo en software empotrado y distribuido.

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